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Friday, January 08, 2016

 i really enjoy ordering food online and have it comfortably at home, or without
stepping out of my work place go under the hot sun at 1pm noon and i get to enjoy
 my lunch cozily in my office!

just tried one of the newest food delivery service in Penang - Food Lab Express
extremely easy way to order food on their website ( or
just make a call (1300-88-1878)! they provide cash-on-delivery service whereby
you place your order, wait and pay. they are expanding their delivery coverage
now as they only deliver to Jelutong, Tanjung Tokong and Georgetown area only!

Food Lab's promotion now for January: everything at RM9 only!!!

a few clicks and you can enjoy your meal without going out!

they have plenty of choices such as nasi lemak, fried rice, noodles, spaghetti, salad,
bento and even vegetarian food! was quite surprise with the choices of bento,
they have like 10 choices for bento: fish, chicken, squid or vegetarian.

very very happy to receive my lunch box and they are still warm!!!

i had pepper briny squid and the doodle bento! each bento comes with side dishes: broccoli,
braised egg and tofu, if you would like to have more side dish, the add on tab is available
at the check out page!

very nice and thoughtful packaging which the cutleries are nicely placed at the both 
side of the bento box.

The doodle bento // order here

the chicken cutlet was deep fried to crispy and served with gravy, simply delicious!

Pepper briny squid bento // order here

pepper briny squid was my favourite! the squid was nicely cooked to soft with a bit chewy,
a little spicy and salty it was really flavourful! they also have pepper briny chicken and i
would like to try it for my next order!

Food Lab Express
Phone: 1300-88-1878
Opening hours: 10am-6pm (last order at 5pm) closed on sunday
Facebook: FoodLab Express

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