Super cute hello kitty rooms!!! @Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

one of the happiest moment of my Tokyo trip was my two nights stay in the super cute
hello kitty themed rooms at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (located only 5mins walking
distance away from Shinjuku station) i was lucky enough to check out both Kitty
Town Room and Princess Kitty Room! Kitty rooms in KPH is opened since 2014,
only 8 Hello Kitty Rooms among all the 1,437 guest rooms, can say it is one of
the hottest rooms in Keio Plaza.
Book it here:

we got to check-in at the Premier Counter, avoiding the long queue at the lobby!
it is one of the privilege for staying in the Kitty Rooms so yeahhh! #likeavip

room cards, breakfast tickets and some promotion tickets for restaurants and bars all in
this super cute hello kitty pouch! do you know that Keio Plaza Hotel has 16 restaurants and
9 bars?? basically i can spend all day in Keio with plenty of choices for food! will blog more
about Keio Plaza Hotel and also my Kaiseki dinner experience with Keiko-san on my next post!

welcome to my Kitty Town Room! 
spent a night here and we will be moving to Princess Kitty Room the next day.

a large mirror just beside the entrance is a huge 'YES' for girls ♥

this is definitely one of the coolest hotel room that i've ever stayed!!!

the concept of Kitty Town Room is actually hello kitty is enjoying a city break in tokyo,
shopping and visiting amusement parks with her family and friends! the wallpaper and carpet
in this room are all portraying Kitty's journey, look at the headboard, Kitty and Mimmy in 3D! 

Kitty dolls placed on the bed! its a gift from Keio Plaza Hotel, how sweeeet!

not only dolls, i took all the original Sanrio x Keio Plaza Hotel merchandises home with me!

i took like 30mins to check out every corner of the room, surprises everywhere!
a huge kitty fans would be so so so excited here because you will be seeing hello kitty 

kitty humidifier, kitty hair dryer, kitty weighing scale and kitty stationary

kitty kettle soooooo cute!!!

kitty slippers! all mine ya ♥


more kitties:

my favourite corner and i really spent a lot of time here dressing up myself ♥
and look at the hello kitty trash bin!

another kitty trash bin!

all the bath amenities in pink!

they even provide skin care set, so thoughtful ♥

if you follow my snapchat (@dreamybitt) you will know how happy am i to soak in a 
pink tub!!! its like a dream come true!!!!

and look! hello kitty herself left a signature here on the mirror ♥

so happy spending a night with ms hello kitty ♥

i think she is like a real size hello kitty, and she is so heavy i cant even carry her longer 
than 10 seconds! 

super super super cute bow mineral water! 

super love it lehhh

selfie with little kitty! can you spot how many kitty in this photo? LOL

and then i was crazily happy the next morning waking up for this:


without stepping out of my kitty room!!! 

kitty dreams come true again!!!!! (tearing liao)

the menu was based on the hotel's American breakfast menu, not only beautiful and
colourful, they are nutritionally balanced perfect to kick start our kitty day! 

omelets, ratatouille and salad using hello kitty images. potage soup with hello kitty shaped
croutons, served with orange juice, coffee and tea!

look at my sleepy face hahahaha. 
btw, sandwiches in the shape of hello kitty's face, so cute how to eat leh? T_T

after that boyfriend and i went out continue exploring tokyo city leaving our
bags in our room waiting to be moved to our next room - PRINCESS KITTY ROOM!
and when we were back in the hotel at night our stuff are all being moved to the new 
room already!!! another thing is, i was quite sad because i left my vitamin drinks 
in the fridge back in Kitty Town Room, but i was very surprise that they actually 
move my drinks over too!!! two thumbs up!

another night of princess kitty ♥ a super sweet room with a very pinkish look

kitty everywhere too! and hello kitty's signature spotted on the wall this time

not much photos taken that night cause its already very late and i need to soak in my 
lilac tub this round:

so dreamy right!!!!!!

amazing view of Shinjuku outside my window! and i love this lovely bow sofa very very much,
can i have one in my room too???

the furnitures are super cute, high heels chair and a bow sofa, and also all the chest drawers
decorated with pink ribbon. for the wallpapers, curtains and carpets are decorated with hello
kitty's favourite roses!

and for day two we can opt for several breakfast choices, like super buffet or western buffet,
we decided to go for traditional japanese breakfast at one of the 6 japanese restaurant at KPH.

yes all mine! look at the presentation la, so nice!!!

will blog more about Keio Plaza Hotel and also my Kaiseki dinner experience on my next post! ♥

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Address: 2-2-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-8330 Japan.
Tel: +81 33344 0111

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2 dreamers

  1. OMGGGG !!! So CUTE !!!
    Everything is about Hello Kitty ! Really can't resist it. Too adorable !!
    Both rooms are super nice especially the first one, so lovely and dreamy !!!

    1. ya so cute right!!!! and i waking up in a super good mood everyday!!


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