Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat Restaurant // 锅香府鱼头锅

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

heard so much good comments of Guo Xiang Fu but never have the chance to try it out,
Guo Xiang Fu is very famous for their seafood porridge steamboat, not exaggerating but
my kawan said the porridge is to die for...... ok i will go and try it out very soon!

back to topic, i went to Guo Xiang Fu last month to try their new launched Fish Head 
Steamboat! i've tried a few fish head steamboat in penang and i think Guo Xiang Fu
is one of the best - thick and sweet soup base which was very addictive, boiled with
deep fried fish, tofu and coriander, a shot of brandy was added to the soup to increase
the sweetness of the soup base.

Fish head steamboat package // RM65
the set includes Sai Dou fish ball, Yu Wat fish ball, enoki mushroom, fried tofu skin,
fresh fish fillet and bee hun for 2 servings! the package is actually for 2-3 pax and we
were in a group of six so we did add-on some orders!

cant make up your mind? here's a list of must-eat:

Fresh fish fillet // RM12

Prawns // RM12
Scallops // RM12
Minced pork paste // RM6
Pork fillet // RM6.50
Lamb fillet // RM10

and many many more LOL. spot any of your favourite? CHEESE BALL!!

the soup is getting thicker after boiling with all the ingredients, extremely flavourful!

Deep fried enoki // RM6.5
we also tried their fried enoki which is a must-try here, crispy and very very addictive!

Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat Restaurant 锅香府
Address: 10, Jalan Seang Tek, 10400 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 012 409 7096 (Eric Ng)
Opening hours: 5pm - 1am daily
Facebook:  锅香府

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