Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room

Friday, May 27, 2016

a girls' date at Metisser Patisserie last week with my babe Venus! Metisser Patisserie is located 
at Ropewalk Piazza - new commercial shop-lot opposite Prangin Mall at Jalan Pintai Tali.

love at first sight for the counter, clean and neat shelf with all the colourful tea box!
and for the simplicity in the interior, playing around with white, space and natural
sunlight which make this place super prefect for nice nice photos!

can say it is one of the best place in town for a girls' date now as they are serving
 only light sandwiches and sweet pretty cakes, i can spend time having tea and
 chit chatting all day!

we had Lady Tea Set which is only available from 12pm - 6pm daily, priced at RM66
for two person with two cups of coffee or a pot of tea!

my darling ♥

Coronation chicken, raisin & almond flakes
Smoked salmon, kyuri & capers
- Lady Tea Set // RM66
we picked these two out of the six choices in the menu! trio sandwich platter available
from 12pm - 9pm daily, three for RM21 only. not only beautiful but they were yummy
too! especially smoked salmon, my favourite!

Two freshly baked scones - Lady Tea Set // RM66
warm and buttery scones come in a set of two, served with fruit preserves and whipped 
cream, one of the best scones that i had in penang so far! priced at RM10 for two.

and here comes our cakes and macarons! 
sorry ah ignore my very chan look, was actually working since early morning heheheh...

Charlotte Russe a la Mangue
- Lady Tea Set // RM66

i love this! was actually mango mousse and vanilla sponge cake
on the outer layer and mango jelly and pineapple coconut citrus jam on the
inside, not too sweet and the mango flavour was just nice!

Rose lychee // Matcha // Dark Chocolate
the set actually comes with two macaroons only but we cant make up our mind what to
choose so we add another RM5 for a dark chocolate macaroon!

as for our tea, we would like to go for something refreshing and lemony so 
Verviene Lemon Verbena was recommended by the staff and we love it! so if you 
would like something fresh and lemony you can try this! each pot of tea comes
with one time refill to preserve the quality of the tea.

Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room
Address: 140, Jalan Pintai Tali, 10100 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 251 9739
Opening hours: 12pm - 11pm daily (closed on Wednesday)

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