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Monday, June 27, 2016

another luscious dinner date to try out Faquhar Mansion's newly launched menu!
not the first time visiting Farquhar Mansion but it was my first time having their dinner
course, which is a 6 courses' chef tasting menu, priced between RM228 - RM288 per pax.
Farquhar Mansion is always well-known for their luxury quality and experience, i would
say it is one of the best fine-dining venue in Penang!

9 main courses for you choice! Priced between Rm228 - RM288, add another RM188
for wine pairing!

Pieroth Blue: Peiroth Blue Burg Layer Schlosskapelle 2012
our drink of the night! one of the best appetizer wine from Nahe, German. very easy to 
drink as it has a very strong fruity scent!

Amuse Bouche
a soil concept amuse bouche, trust me, the 'soil' was super yummy, sweet and salty with a hint of
ginger. the colour of the 'soil' was inspired by burgundy soil which looks very similar to this!
from the right: potato cream, salmon skin and cod ball. small little bite size but it consists
the elements from the ocean to the land, cod ball served with ebiko, salmon skin was utterly
crispy and potato cream topped with a cute little micro green!

Mushroom terroir
our second dish comes with a very strong truffle aroma, portobello mushroom beautifully placed
under a cooked onion slice, how delicate! at first i thought the onion was just to decorate but i 
was wrong, realized that it actually added some sweetness in this dish. served with wild 
mushroom crumble and asparagus, a combination of an earthy texture! 

Foie gras flavour
first try Farquhar Mansion's foie gras and it was unforgettably good! not to say the foie gras 
itself was perfectly cooked, but the combination of the entire dish, served on foie gras foam
and sweet wine was added, with a piece of bread to neutralized the taste and some sweet sour 
apple chutney which you can have for you liking!

Broccoli espuma
super cute green bubble soup, it was also my first time trying this! 'espuma' simply means 
'bubble' in Portuguese, my first sip and i thought it was kind of 'empty' but after a second, 
the aroma of broccoli filled my mouth up! there was also a cheese baked oyster in the soup, 
added some texture and saltiness to the soup!

Black angus tenderloin
a total of six main course to pick from, and of course i would go for my favourite!
 beef cheek ravioli was perfectly cooked into medium rare, served with grilled veggie, 
onion jam and beef jus. 

oh and did i mention my pretty date of the night Ms Xine Teoh? 
my boyfriend was working till late so i tagged her along hahaha! *你以后要对我好一点哦*

and her pick of the main course:

Amaki tuna
served with croquette potato and butter veggie! coriander was added and we were so happy because
we love it so much! and we thought it was quite rare to see coriander in western dishes, especially
it was paired with hollandaise sauce, surprisingly good!

Cheese platter
cheese platter after main course! some say serving cheese after main and before dessert is 
actually a great way to finish off the wine from the main, and move on to dessert wine! 
but for me, i would say it is a wonderful way to welcome the next dessert *yay!*
and i really love having cheese with fruits, one of my favourite way to enjoy the cheese!

our perfect night ended with this yellowish dessert named 'Mango'! a very direct name - mango 
sorbet and mango cubes in this dessert, berries, panna cotta and crisp all in the mango cream
with coconut cream! love this dessert it combined all different texture, sweet and sour!

Farquhar Mansion
Address: 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 019 528 8933
Facebook: Farquhar Mansion

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