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Sunday, June 12, 2016

 if you have visited Plan B lately you would have realized that they have a new menu
serving more western-fusion dishes and yummy cakes. we were at Plan B Queensbay
Mall for the new menu launching party and tried some of the best dishes in the new menu!
Plan B has two outlets in penang now: Queensbay Mall and Gurney Paragon, easier
to get my craving fixed now so yay!

menu of the day on the table, was so excited seeing 'salmon rice bowl' in the menu,
sounds interesting right?

and champagne was served right we were seated, what a bubbly night!

Peppermint iced tea

Iced chocolate
tried two of the beverages: iced chocolate and peppermint iced tea, and i would really really
go for peppermint iced tea, minty and refreshing! look at all the presentation of the drinks,
so beautiful i couldn't say no!

Skin on fries with dips
the fries completed with three special sauces: salted egg, chili crab and lime mayonnaise,
all were good especially salted egg which goes perfectly with the hot and crispy fries!

Kristy's krunchy kale salad 
another starter was this salad which consisted one of everybody's childhood favourite
snacks - Mamee!!! it was surprisingly good and the crunchiness of the salad which comes
from the Mamee and nuts was very addictive! 

Buttermilk fried chicken
crispy fried chicken served on a waffle, topped with coleslaw and fries! the chicken was nicely
fried, still juicy and not oily, portion was just right!

Zucchini spaghetti

i feel it was rather a healthier choice, with basil leaves, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mushroom
and a slice of lemon. spaghetti was nicely cook to al-dente!

Salmon salad rice bowl

my favourite of the night! mainly because there is coriander in this dish LOL. and this colourful
combination looks very appetizing, i can finish up the entire bowl of rice by myself! 

and finally dessert was served! been eyeing on them when they started to prepare hahaha.
cause they're too pretty!!!

Black forest pavlova, Jaffa cake & Springfield donut
my favourite goes to.........................................
back forest pavlova! one thing i love is because it was not as sweet as i expected, with 
brownie, fresh black forest and fresh cream, kind of the combination that i love! and i couldn't 
say no to this beautifully presented cakes!!! oh and this beautiful photo corner was actually 
prepared by Plan B, very nice right?

amd finally a glass of affogato to end the night!

Plan B Queensbay Mall
Address: GF-112, Ground Floor, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
Phone: 04 640 8820
Opening hours: 10am - 10.30pm daily

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