Grapes & Malts

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Grapes & Malts located along Chow Thye Road, a new chill spot for wine/whisky lovers to 
just hang and chat over a glass of wine and if the stomach calls for it (which it usually does)
they also offers yummy dishes - pastas, quesadilla or a cheese platter to go with the vino!

the interior is moody and warm with red walls and lighting for some extra mood! seating is
aplenty, cozy couches, bistro sets, dining area and there's even a separate upstairs function
area too!

Reilly's cabernet sauvignon // RM99
Reilly's dry land shiraz // RM163
Grape & Malts is the only place that serves Reillys wine in penang! we tried cabernet sauvignon
and shiraz from this award winning wine from south australia, both were very easy to drink!

Cheese board // RM26 (small)

4 types of cheese was served on the board - Brie, Cheddar, Camembert and Edam with crackers
and yes! SPRING ONIONS! put a small piece of cheese on the cracker and put into your mouth,
bite some spring onion and munch it, sip some wine when everything is still in your mouth!
the taste was surprisingly great as the spring onions bring sweetness and the wine has nicely
exalted the flavour!

Quesadilla (chicken) // RM12
quesadilla is always my favourite! filled with melted cheese, chicken and grilled to perfection!

Sauteed mushroom // RM10
earthy and juicy mushroom with a light seasoning, simple and tasty! mushroom lovers 
will be impressed.

Sauteed chicken // RM8

Sauteed beef // RM14
sautéed beef and chicken were lightly seasoned with salt and pepper only but there were
really good! especially the beef, it was served medium rare, every bite was juicy and tender!

Homemade pate // RM12
it was my first time having pate, heard so much that it is very good when it comes to
wine pairing! i am not so into chicken liver so i just grab a piece for tasting, it was creamy and
buttery, for chicken liver lovers they would definitely think it has the most amazing flovours! 

Willy Gisselbrecht pinot noir // RM159
another glass of pinot noir was served in burgundy glass, learnt about this glass during Riedel 
Glass Tasting. the best glass to go with pinot noir is always a Burgundy glass, it was smooth 
and nicely tasted!

Meatball with concasse // RM17
another favourite of the night! the meatballs were crispy even though they were covered
with tomato paste! very rich in flavouring  

Chicken jumbo // RM12
two jumbo sized sausages served on a bed of pinky sauerkraut! i love their homemade
sauerkraut which was very very appetizing 

Aglio olio with prawns // RM13
Aglio olio with chicken // RM9
the aglio olio was very garlicky and the chili flakes and pepper were just nice!
you can opt for chicken if you do not take seafood, both were equally delicious but i prefer
 prawns which were fresh, naturally sweet and flavour packed!

Auchentoshan 12 years old
RM16 by shot // RM398 one bottle // RM599 twin bottle
our night ended with a glass of whisky with ice ball! 
was told that it is a triple distilled scotch, easier to drink for beginners!

Many thanks to Grapes&Malts for the warm hosting!

Grapes & Malts
Address: 46, Chow Thye Road, 10500 Georgetown Penang. 
Phone: 04 228 1628
Opening hours: 4pm - 12am Monday-Saturday, closed on Sunday
Facebook: Grapes&Malts

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