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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

some great new dishes added to Miam Miam's latest menu and one of my favourite
is the salted egg pasta which sounds super tempting!!! the new menu was launched a
month ago, old favourites were remain and some new creative dishes were added!

Fresh fruit tea // RM15-Hot  RM16-Cold
fresh fruit tea is one of the new addition in the beverage menu, available in cold or hot!
prefer the hot one that brings out the fruity scent more!

Iced matcha latte with matcha softee // RM18
Iced matcha tea with matcha softee // RM13
everybody's favourite iced matcha latte with softee now has another option:
iced matcha tea with matcha softee! it is like a lighter edition, with a stronger matcha
aroma and it was pleasantly sweet and bitter, love it!

Lobster bisque // RM16
French country side chicken soup // RM15
highly recommended french country side chicken soup! slightly clearer than cream-based 
soup, served with a piece of homemade bread.

Chicken miso salad // RM15

Superfood salad with prawns // RM25
tried two of the salad and they were all good! chicken breast, mix green and croutons with miso
dressing for chicken miso salad. we had prawns for superfood salad which the original without
prawns priced at RM15!

One egg pasta // RM28
macaroni, shimeiji mushroom, veggies, chicken breast topped with melted cheese and
onsen egg! it was super good! love how they combine the macaroni with the onsen egg

Salted egg pasta with grilled barramundi fish // RM36
my long awaited salted egg pasta!! served with a big piece of grilled barramundi fish.
every spaghetti was nicely covered with the golden salted egg and for a salted egg lover
like me i think it tasted amazing!!

Riz miam miam // RM28
Riz teriyaki // RM26
miam miam spaghetti is always my favourite and now they have this riz miam miam which 
is the rice version of miam miam spaghetti (OMG!!) a new must-try!

Shogayaki pork rice // RM28
they had added a series of Donburi (rice bowl dish in Japanese) which is yummy and
tummy-filling too! we tried shogayaki pork rice topped with three big pieces of pork cutlet,
the pork cutlet itself is already very soft and flavourful, simply delicious!

Famous french toast // RM20
dessert time!
miam miam's dessert is a must, its like a perfect ending everytime i dine here hehehe
i cant had enough of their famous french toast, still as good as before

Valrhona chocolate french toast // RM22
valrhona chocolate french toast is another new favourite!! valrhona chocolate and french 
toast i bet you can imagine that goodness and adding sea salt flakes is like adding magic!
you need to try it yourself to enjoy that sweetness and saltiness combination in your tongue!

Salted egg souffle // RM20
they serve the best souffle in town i must say! soft soft and fluffy fluffy full of egg aroma,
sweet souffle with a hint of saltiness from the salted egg, perfect combination!

Rum and raisins // RM23

Cherry velvet pancake // RM23
another two pancake souffle - cherry velvet and rum and raisin! both were served with vanilla 
softee, i prefer cherry velvet with a fruity and sourly touch, basically that vanilla softee 
could goes well with anything!

Popelini (8pieces) // RM18
super cute french mini cream puffs filled with different flavours: blueberry, 
peanut butter, raspberry, nutella, matcha and passion fruit! they are served in a set of 8, 
so make sure you leave some space for these delicious puffs!

Miam Miam Penang Gurney Paragon
Address: Ground floor, St. Jo's, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang.
Phone: 04 226 7818
Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily
Facebook: Miam Miam Penang

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