Tomahawk Steak (for a limited time only!) @ The BAR°N Gurney Plaza

Thursday, October 20, 2016

visited The BAR°N at Gurney Plaza last week for their Tomahawk Steak which only available
for two months until the end of November! saw some photos on their facebook page and as a 
meat lover, we were so excited to try it out!

Tomahawk Steak – The Ultimate Full Flavored Steak

Tomahawk Steak is a Limited-Time Offer promotion at The BAR°N outlets @1Mont Kiara, 
@Gurney Plaza and @Pavilion KL from 1 October till 30 November 2016. Each Tomahawk 
weighs between 850g and 1000g – dependent on the cut. The meat is imported from Australia 
and priced at RM288++. 

The name ‘tomahawk’ derives from the native Algonquian words ‘tamahak’ or ‘tamahakan’ 
which means cutting instrument. Tomahawk steaks untilise cuts from the fore-rib of cows, 
keeping the entire length of bone inatct to produce its signature hatchet shape. A large quantity 
of inter-muscular fat marbles the premium cut, melting to give it a silky texture and a symphony 
of flavors. An infusion of juices from the bone into the meat elevates the depth of flavors, 
whilst maintaining a juicy and tender interior. 

it was super big! i think its around 30cm for this. would recommend for a group of 3/4pax... or even more hahaha. it was perfectly done medium, juicy and bouncy, served with portobello mushroom and also their special sauce for the steak - both with sauce or without are yums! specially paired wine are available with 20% discount too so remember to check it out if you are there!

Chicago bone-in ribeye steak // RM118
chicago bone-in ribeye steak comes in a smaller portion, available in their ala carte menu and
priced at RM118. served with grilled veggie and barbecue sauce!

Tapas combo platter // RM68
tapas platter which you can have a bit of everything - complete with three sauces to match with the different meat!

Cold cuts // RM55
another way to enjoy the meat! featuring 4 different kind of meat cuts, with french loafs and olives!

Candy bacon platter // RM29
named candy because it really tasted like a meaty sweet crispy candy with a bit of the saltiness of the bacon itself!

Crispy pork belly // RM29
omg these were delicious and it could goes really well with some iced cold beer! the skin were like extremely crispy and we emptied everything in less than 5 minutes! 

Oven-baked portobello mushroom with bacon, tomato and cheese // RM29
everything was so meaty and finally we had mushroom hehehe. was baked with bacon, tomato and cheese! a must try for mushroom lovers!

Cheese platter // RM45
was served with two kind of cheese, celery, grapes and some dried fruits! we had two bottles of wine that night: Sixty Drops Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) RM79.90 and Dancing Flame Malbec (Chile) RM89.90.

Bacon wrapped scallop // RM37
the taste of bacon was a little over-powering but we still love this dish, served on a bed
of greens, the scallop was sweet, tender and beautifully wrapped!

All american wagyu beef burger // RM39
what a pretty looking stacked burger! melted cheese on a wagyu beef patty, can i have more?

Pasta carbonara with smoked duck // RM35
have i mention that they serve good pasta too? carbonara with smoked duck was creamy and flavourful and another pasta that we had, aglio olio and it was served with crispy pork belly omg
it was heavenly good!

Pasta aglio olio with crispy pork belly // RM33

Oven roasted baby back pork ribs // RM59
last dish before the dessert was baby back pork ribs which the staff will burn it and served instantly after that! it was perfectly marinated and well-cooked, ah so much meat!!!

Affogato // RM21
dessert time! was super in love with this magic affogato its flaming!!! liquor was added and it balanced up the sweetness and the bitterness of the caffeine, love it! we also had creme brulee, nicely covered with a layer of crispy brunt sugar, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Creme brûlée // RM25
Many thanks to The BAR°N for the warm hosting!

The BAR°N @ Gurney Plaza
Address: Gurney Plaza, 170-G-43, 10250 Penang
Opening hours: 11am - 1am daily
Contact: 04 229 0763

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